Brokerage Service

Companies call upon Trillion to benefit from the expert advice of seasoned
and reliable professionals. Our services cover every aspect of real estate
brokerage and may include:

  • Increasing occupancy rates in commercial or industrial properties
  • Providing professional brokerage services for selling
    or buying property
  • Helping to relocate or implement a company
    into new facilities
  • Providing real estate management services
    through an affiliated company

Increasing Occupancy

Trillion develops strategies that are aimed at filling vacant spaces on the one hand, and at increasing the retention rate of current tenants on the other hand. These strategies are based on an integrated and long-term approach to real estate management.

We put forward solutions that are realistic and adapted to the needs of our clients and partners. Our aim is to improve tenant services while maintaining operating expenses at their lowest.
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Buying or Selling Property

When it comes to buying or selling property, Trillion’s goal is to help each client find the best possible deal given their needs and the prevailing market conditions.

We are constantly on the lookout for profitable business opportunities for our clients and partners who take advantage of Trillion’s extensive market knowledge and expertise.
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Company Relocation or Implementation

When it comes to choosing an ideal location for a company, the professionals at Trillion make it a point of truly understanding the objectives, challenges and priorities of each and everyone of its partners. That way, we are better able to find a site that will meet your requirements in terms of infrastructure, workforce availability, ease of access, proximity of public services and even additional space for future expansion.

Our extensive knowledge of the real estate market and of government incentives offered in different regions throughout Québec can only benefit your company’s implementation or relocation plans.
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